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Why Do Cardiologists Prescribe An Echocardiogram Test?

If your cardiologist has prescribed an Echocardiogram Test Pimlico, reach out to North Queensland Cardiac Clinic in Pimlico, Australia.

Why Do Cardiologists Prescribe An Echocardiogram Test?

An Echocardiogram Test is one of the most common diagnostic tests cardiologists prescribe. This important test uses ultrasound imaging to provide a detailed assessment of your heart’s structure and function. But the question is, do you know why your cardiologist has asked you to conduct this test? North Queensland Cardiac Clinic, a reliable Echocardiogram Test Clinic Pimlico, Australia, will answer this question in this blog. If you are looking for the best Echocardiogram Test Pimlico, contact NQCC today.

At NQCC, we have expert cardiologists, Dr Dharmesh Anand and Dr Raibhan Yadav, and other professionals who can conduct an accurate and safe Echocardiogram Test Pimlico. Visit our clinic if you are looking for the Best Echocardiogram Centre Near Me.

Let’s learn why your cardiologist may prescribe an echocardiogram:-

  • Evaluating Heart Function
  • Checking Heart Valves
  • Detecting Blood Clots
  • Assessing Other Structures
  • Monitoring Treatments
  • Providing Answers
  • Guidance for Surgical Interventions
  • Enhancing Patient Safety and Comfort

Evaluating Heart Function:

One of the main reasons for an Echocardiogram Test is to evaluate how effectively the heart pumps blood, known as its ejection fraction. The test checks that the ventricles are contracting normally and at full capacity to circulate blood throughout the body. If the ejection fraction is low, it may indicate conditions like cardiomyopathy or congestive heart failure. The echocardiogram helps determine appropriate treatments to improve heart function. 

Checking Heart Valves:

The echocardiogram enables clear visualization of the heart valves to screen for problems like narrowing, stiffening, or improper closing. Valve abnormalities can lead to issues like regurgitation, where blood leaks backward. The test also checks for thickening or calcification of valves. Your cardiologist can monitor valve function over time and determine if valve repair or replacement is warranted. 

Detecting Blood Clots:

An Echocardiogram Test Pimlico can detect blood clots that have travelled to the heart. Clots obstructing blood flow can lead to stroke or heart attack. Echocardiography reveals the location and size of clots, so appropriate blood thinning medication can be prescribed. The test also helps screen for blood clot risk factors like atrial fibrillation. 

Assessing Other Structures:

Beyond the heart, an echocardiogram provides views of surrounding structures, including the aorta, pulmonary arteries, pulmonary veins, and heart sac (pericardium). It scans for enlargement, narrowing or leaks in these areas. The test also evaluates for fluid buildup around the heart that may signal infection or inflammation. 

Monitoring Treatments:

For cardiac patients undergoing treatments like chemotherapy drugs, artery stents or pacemakers, echocardiograms help monitor the heart for side effects. It also tracks how well-implanted devices like artificial valves or Left Ventricular Assist Devices work. Echocardiogram screening enables cardiologists to make adjustments as needed. 

Providing Answers:

An  Echocardiogram Test provides cardiologists with clearer explanations for patients who approach with unexplained symptoms, including shortness of breath, chest discomfort, palpitations, or dizziness. It is possible to apply suitable therapies when the underlying anatomical or functional reason is identified. 

Guidance for Surgical Interventions:

When surgical intervention is necessary, echocardiograms provide invaluable guidance for cardiac surgeons. They offer a detailed map of the heart’s anatomy, allowing surgeons to plan and execute procedures with precision and safety. 

Enhancing Patient Safety and Comfort:

Echocardiograms are non-invasive and do not involve exposure to ionizing radiation. It makes them a safe and comfortable diagnostic option for patients of all ages. The procedure is typically painless and can be performed in an outpatient setting. 

Closing Words

With its detailed moving images of the beating heart, echocardiography is invaluable for diagnosing heart conditions. These insights guide cardiologists in keeping your heart healthy and functioning efficiently. If you are searching for an Echocardiogram Test Pimlico or the Best Echocardiogram Centre Near Me, contact North Queensland Cardiac Clinic in Pimlico, Australia, today.

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