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Billing information

Billing information

Benefits for pension card holder:

Pension and health card holders are eligible for accessing reduced rates on treatments.

Medicare Rebate:

As per Medicare rules ,in order to take advantage of the Medicare Rebate, patients are asked to present a valid referral. We generally keep the referral from General Practitioners for 12 months.We do not accept indefinite referrals. When you obtain a referral from a Specialist, it is valid for 3 months. If you have any queries regarding medicare rebate and referrals, please call reception.

We can submit your Medicare rebate electronically. Please ensure your bank details are registered with Medicare/MyGov.

No Extra Fees for hospital admission:

Our doctors are associated with the no-gap cover with private health insurance companies. If your treatment requires hospital admission, the consultation made by these doctors come under your health insurance terms. There are some exceptions. To know more about this call reception.